The time Tiger Woods told David Feherty an off-color joke

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Golf announcer David Feherty is one of the few in the media who really has gotten close to Tiger Woods.

Over the years they have shared a lot together, maybe too much at times.

During a recent interview with GOLF’s Connell Barrett, Feherty talked about the side of Woods the public doesn’t know or get to see.

Feherty said the legendary golfer has come by himself to his charity events for wounded soldiers and has spent quality time with them.

Besides having a soft side, Feherty said the austere golfer can be quite funny.

Woods once dropped this joke on the golf announcer during a round.

From GOLF:

I remember one time he says, “Hey, Feherty,” pulling the bill of his cap down so the cameras can’t read his lips. “What do you call a black guy flying an airplane?” I say I don’t know. He says, “A pilot, you f—— racist.” [Laughs] He loves to needle, to give people a hard time.

To watch some of the interview, CLICK HERE.

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