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Nikola Mirotic still in pain and without return timetable

Nothing is going right for the Bulls right now. They can’t keep players on the floor, and after getting injured, returning is never easy.

The latest example of this issue is Nikola Mirotic. The stretch forward left the team late last month needing an appendectomy. Two weeks later, there is still no firm timetable for his return to the floor.

The latest setback came Tuesday after it was reported that Mirotic was still in pain from the appendectomy and having a hematoma removal a last week.

Mirotic now has two issues to deal with before he can return to the floor. Not only does the pain need to subside, but the weight loss will prevent him from being in playing shape as soon as hoped. Mirotic had been released from the hospital, but is clearly still dealing with problems.

The incident is starting bring back memories of another Bulls player who left the team for a surgery and struggled to return. In 2013, Luol Deng needed a spinal tap that would eventually go horribly wrong.

Mirotic was originally expected to return to the team after the All-Star break. However, that is now in question.