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Rauner says if Trump is GOP nominee, he’ll support him

Gov. Bruce Rauner | AP file photo

Gov. Bruce Rauner said Monday morning that he’d support Donald Trump if he wins the Republican nomination, and, reached Monday afternoon, top Illinois Republican Jim Durkin reiterated that he’d do the same.

Durkin said: “I have not focused on the presidential election. I’m watching it and taking it all into account. The nomination will not be complete until the Republican National Convention and I’ll support that nominee. That’s as far as I’m going to go.”

Durkin, of Western Springs, stressed that he has not had a horse in the race since his preferred candidate, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, dropped out in September.

“I’m not involved in any campaign. I’m not supporting any one right now,” he said.

Christine Radogno — Kirk’s GOP counterpart in the Illinois Senate — has come out in support for presidential contender John Kasich, but could not be reached Monday to answer whether she, too, would support Trump should he win the party’s nomination.

Rauner’s comments Monday were his first public comments since last week’s elections where Trump won the Republican presidential primary in Illinois.

The first-term Republican governor says as the head of the party in Illinois, he’ll support who voters chose, including if it’s Trump. Rauner says he’ll do everything he can “to work with that nominee.”

Rauner declined to further discuss individual candidates, adding the process is “still in mid-stream” and should be allowed to play out.

Republican U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk, who’s facing a tough re-election battle, has also said he’ll support Trump if he’s the nominee.

Last Tuesday’s primary came days after Trump canceled a Chicago rally over security concerns.