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Aryeh Routtenberg, dead at 76, NU scientist who studied memory

Aryeh Routtenberg

Aryeh Routtenberg, a neuroscientist who studied the biochemical and molecular basis of memory, has died.

The Highland Park resident, who was a Northwestern University professor of psychology and neurobiology for 50 years, died Feb. 27 at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. He was 76.

Mr. Routtenberg graduated from McGill University, then came to Northwestern for his master’s degree in comparative neurobiology, awarded in 1963. He got his doctorate from the University of Michigan, then returned to Northwestern to teach in 1965 and remained on the faculty there ever since.

Mr. Routtenberg’s work was largely focused on the formation of memories and how they are stored.

Mr. Routtenberg’s survivors include a daughter, Yael Routtenberg; a son, Noam Routtenberg; his longtime partner Rita Murphy and her children Margaret Kemp, Susan Murphy, Dan Murphy, Elizabeth McCarthy and Cara Murphy.

Northwestern has set up a memoriam web page for Mr. Routtenberg.