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SHARE Chicago Sun-Times Endorsements

These are the Sun-Times endorsed candidates for the 2015 city elections. Early voting begins on Monday and ends on Feb. 21. Election Day is Tuesday, Feb. 24. Registered Chicago voters may vote at any early voting site in the city and do not need a reason or excuse to vote early. A government photo ID is required.

Mayor: Rahm Emanuel

Treasurer: Uncontested

City Clerk: Uncontested

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Aldermanic Races

1st Ward: Proco “Joe” Moreno

2nd Ward: Alyx S. Pattison

3rd Ward: Pat Dowell

4th Ward: William Burns

5th Ward: Anne Marie Miles

6th Ward: Roderick Sawyer

7th Ward: Flora “Flo” Digby

8th Ward: Michelle Harris

9th Ward: Anthony Beale

10th Ward: Richard L. Martinez Jr.

11th Ward : Patrick Daley Thompson

12th Ward: Uncontested

13th Ward: Uncontested

14th Ward: Uncontested

15th Ward: Adolfo Mondragon

16th Ward: Toni Foulkes

17th Ward: Glenda Franklin

18th Ward: Chuks Onyezia

19th Ward: Matthew J. O’Shea

20th Ward: Kevin Bailey

21st Ward: Joseph C. Ziegler

22nd Ward: Ricardo Munoz

23rd Ward: Michael Zalewski

24th Ward: Michael Scott Jr.

25th Ward: Daniel Solis

26th Ward: Juanita Irizarry

27th Ward: Walter Burnett Jr.

28th Ward: Uncontested

29th Ward: Bob Galhotra

30th Ward: Uncontested

31st Ward: Milagros “Milly” Santiago

32nd Ward: Scott Waguespack

33rd Ward: Annisa Wanat

34th Ward: Carrie Austin

35th Ward: Rey Colon

36th Ward: Christopher M. Vittorio

37th Ward: Emma Mitts

38th Ward: Nicholas Sposato

39th Ward: Margaret Laurino

40th Ward: Patrick J. O’Connor

41st Ward: Mary O’Connor

42nd Ward: Uncontested

43rd Ward:Caroline Vickrey

44th Ward: Thomas M. Tunney

45th Ward: John Arena

46th Ward: Amy Crawford

47th Ward: Ameya Pawar

48th Ward: Uncontested

49th Ward: Joseph A. Moore

50th Ward: Debra Silverstein

The Latest
Autopsy results are still pending for the women, who were found unresponsive at the James Sneider Apartments, where the local alderperson said the air conditioning remained off during last week’s hot spell.
The mayor’s announcement that the citywide weekend curfew on minors would be set at 10 p.m. comes a day after she imposed a ban on unaccompanied minors in Millennium Park after 6 p.m., Thursdays through Sundays.
New album ‘Second Nature’ follows ‘lucky’ gigs with The War on Drugs, Roger Waters, Harry Styles and more.
“I’m just amazed that of all of the things that happened in my career,” Ryan said, “I’m still known for that.”
Kalil Tate, K’Vion Thunderbird, Logan Lester and Marquise Lightfoot have college coaches flocking to Kenwood.