Beat the Champs: Section 1, 1st sectional (includes scores)

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Christina Daniello had the right idea at the Section 1 sectional of Beat the Champions Saturday at Brunswick Zone-Hawthorn in Vernon Hills.

“Relaxing,’’ said the young woman from Addison, who works in billing for Flash Cab.’’Before every ball, I take one deep breath.’’

It worked as Daniello, who advanced from River Rand Bowl and was bowling her first tournament of any kind, topped the women’s side with a 636, including 186 pins in handicap.

(This is the extended online version of the Sun-Times story, including scores and a photo from the Illinois State BPA.)

Tom Hays and Tony Menard (front in photo) tied to lead the men’s side with 688. Hays, a Volo man who works in sales, is a scratch bowler who advanced from Lakes Bowl; while Menard, a mechanic for Midas from Morton Grove who advanced from Classic Bowl, had 105 pins of handicap.

The heavy oil did not bother either man.

“Tighter than I expected,’’ Hays said. “But I play a little straighter ball.’’

Henry Nilsen, the final men’s qualifier whose final game of 279 was high for the day, put the oil and the shot in perspective.

“It was pretty tight,’’ said Nilsen, a painter from Chicago. “`The shot was definitely outside. I didn’t adjust right away. I am more of a cranker than a stroker.’’

Four men and three women advanced to the finals, where a 2015 Ford Fiesta from Local Ford Stores is the top prize for both the men’s and woman’s champion. Also advancing were Ken Miles, a United pilot from Inverness, May Ann Palermo, a nurse manager at St. Joseph Hospital from Addison, and Mary Schatz, an RN from Des Plaines.

Sectionals continue today and next weekend for BTC, the charity bowling event cosponsored for 54 years by the Sun-Times and the Chicagoland Bowling Proprietors Association. League bowlers advancing to sectionals should have been notified by the CBPA.

The big number has nothing to do with oil or the shot. It is the $2,793,600.36 raised for charity by more than 5.7 million entries in the first 53 years of BTC. That includes $34,451.32 in 2013-14.

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Saturday’s results

Section 1 sectional

Brunswick Zone-Hawthorn

(Top four men and three women, pending verificiation, advance to the finals.)


Christina Daniello, River Rand 157-130-163-186–636

Mary Ann Palermo, Beverly 128-212-156-135–631

Mary Schatz, River Rand 219-141-122-145–627

Christine Bennington, Mt. Prospect 185-202-169-67–623

Gloria Sexton, Classic 143-231-171-78–623

Kathleen Satllar, Mt. Prospect 161-149-140-172–622

Lillian Munoz, Arlington 131-160-197-126–614

Jennifer Harris, Beverly 113-158-150-191–612

Jan Lepinski, Classic 106-122-143-240–611

Felicia Cardin, Lakes 107-125-145-226–603

Jan Page, Classic 131-157-173-140–601

Marybell Perez , Classic 151-143-158-140–592

Robin Stewart, Raymond’s 199-192-183-18–592

Lisa Boucher, Beverly 108-131-125-226–590

Amy Jakubiak, Classic 172-146-146-124–588

Julie Montalbano, Hawthorn 133-142-138-164–577

Sue Clemens, Lakes 162-153-188-67–570

Lyndi Nolan, Deer Park 177-172-166-51–566

Christy Antunez, Lakes 175-197-172-0–544

Julieann Dorenzo, Classic 155-158-91-132–536

Amanda Finder, Lakeside 161-187-179-8–535

Samantha Biegel, Classic 144-155-118-113–530

Etta Robinson, Sunset 103-139-127-153–522

Kristy Otterbeim, Arlington 126-123-142-121–512

Holly Kafka, Mt. Prospect 134-161-142-59–496

Tina Keena, Deer Park 140-132-113-102–487

Robin Petit, Lakeside 102-155-116-108–482

Lauri Voight, Sunset 133-149-140-8–430


Tom Hays , Lakes 268-199-221-0–688

Tony Menard, Classic 170-231-182-105–688

Ken Miles, Deer Park 224-204-230-24–682

Henry Nilsen, Classic 172-203-279-0–654

Ryan Reitmayer, Lakes 207-236-196-0–639

Thomas Vongklasen, Classic 144-208-160-121–633

Al Markle , Sunset 184-211-235-0–630

Jon Turnbull, River Rand 182-157-116-175–630

Jason Tanner, Lakes 169-214-245-0–628

Kevin Kidder, Sunset 182-185-173-81–621

Dominic Trunzo, Classic 215-192-211-0–618

Bob Lamontagine, Sunset 149-162-206-99–616

Joey Fleischer, Deer Park 154-257-204-0–615

Pat Keyorian, Arlington 149-159-170-137–615

Thomas Stanek, Lakeside 161-212-242-0–615

Richard Ptack, Beverly 165-217-160-56–598

Glen Kurisu, Mt. Prospect 231-150-215-0–596

Bob Hill, Arlington 176-189-214-8–587

Walter Crnich, Beverly 197-148-149-89–583

Russ Kinka, Beverly 152-156-192-81–581

Jeremy Davenport, Classic 157-178-160-83–578

Bob Wozny, Beverly 154-161-146-118-575

Eugene Zielinski, Hawthorn 178-181-154-56–569

Lenny Floom, Classic 138-137-174-118–567

Rich Flood, Classic 159-215-190-0–564

Ray Flemming, Arlington 132-178-138-110-558

Ed Murphy, Classic 189-143-186-32–550

Dan Schwellenbach, Beverly 168-172-134-67–541

Ivan Eddy , Lakeside 142-155-157-86–540

Steve Cetnarowicz, Lakes 142-179-142-72–535

Joseph Cole, Sunset 141-188-151-54–534

Paul Holzmeister, Classic 171-160-178-24–533

Donald Davis, Sunset 140-215-158-13–526

Matt Tusinski, Beverly 135-146-162-67–510

Jim Paschke, Arlington 179-195-134-0–508

Jon Robinson, Mt. Prospect 128-105-138-132–503

Gilbert Volling, Lakes 125-131-144-91–491

Paul Just, River Rand 128-146-137-78–489

Keith Woods, Lakeside 109-150-156-70–485

Jim Williams, Arlington 121-113-153-97–484

Michael Zadler, Sunset 138-155-171-0–464

Dave Walker, Classic 119-116-132-48–415

Remaining sectionals

Feb. 13: Section 3, Bluebird Lanes, Chicago, 11 a.m.

Feb. 14: Section 4/Will county, Centennial Lanes, Tinley Park (women 10 a.m., men 1:30 p.m.)


Men: Mardi Gras Lanes, DeKalb, noon March 1

Women: Elk Grove Bowl, Elk Grove Village, noon March 8

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