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Wednesday Letters: Why the wealthy should pay more

A reader writes that Illinois which meets at the Illinois State Capitol shown here, should approve a progressive income tax to reduce the burden on lower income people and improve schools across Illinois. (AP Photo/Seth Perlman)

Critics condemn Democrats and blame them for everything but will not admit that both Democrats and Republicans have so far protected the 1 percent while placing the burden of generating revenue on the hard-working taxpayers of Illinois. For years the emphasis on passing a progressive tax system has been rejected by both parties while attempting to pass a tax-cut for the wealthy. A progressive tax system would reduce taxes for people with a lower ability to pay while shifting taxes to those with a much higher ability to pay. The wealthy and corporations have gone decades without paying their fair share while individual taxpayers are forced to live with lower or stagnant wages. Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Gov. Bruce Rauner’s demands for pro-business, anti-union reforms have hurt the middle-class more than they will admit. It’s time for real reform by making the elitists pay a fair share.

Ann Gutierrez, Tinley Park

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Urban changed ‘In the Ghetto’

Once again while listening to Elvis sing “In the Ghetto,” I couldn’t help but think about the fact that this song was first out in 1969 and obviously nothing has changed since then. Shame on us as a society (especially those living in Chicago) that we’ve done nothing to change something that has been going on for all these years. Maybe this is a sign that Chicago’s City Council is desperately in need of new blood, and hopefully they will do something that those who have held their seats far too long have failed to do! Chicagoans, think about this the next time it’s time to vote. I know the politicians make all kinds of promises, but remember too many of them just want to keep their cushy jobs, so they make promises they have no intention or ability to keep.

Janet Lumm, Schaumburg