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CTA announces more frequent, extended bus service on South Side

The CTA's 95E bus route will merge with the 95W bus route to create one continous route along 95th Street. | Sun Times file photo

Bus riders on the South and Far South sides can expect more frequent service and extended routes, the CTA and the mayor’s office announced Friday.

“The service improvements we’re making, the transit improvements we’re making, the benefits that we’re providing this community do more than just take people from point A to point B,” said CTA President Dorval Carter Jr., speaking to reporters at the 95th Street Red Line L station. “They have the ability to change communities and how people live within those communities, and that’s why these investments are so important.”

Some improvements are scheduled to take effect Sunday, and others on Tuesday. The changes will affect bus routes 95E, 95W, 4, 71, 34, 119 and 26 as follows:

  • A new No. 95 route will merge the 95E and 95W into a continuous ride between 92nd and Buffalo on the east to 87th and Damen on the west. West of State Street, there will be more frequent service on weekdays and weekends. Starts Sunday.
  • On the No. 4 Cottage Grove route, some trips will go beyond 95th to 115th Street and Cottage Grove. Starts Sunday.
  • The No. 71 route will offer more frequent service to 112th and Torrence. Starts Sunday.
  • Starting Tuesday, the No. 26 South Shore Express route will be extended to 103rd and Stony Island.
  • Also starting Tuesday, there will be more frequent midday and evening service on the No. 34 and No. 119 routes.

For more information about the changes, call 312-836-7000 or go to