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The Illinois comptroller has withheld our General Assembly’s paychecks for the last three months. This is an unjustified ingrate implementation of policy that discounts the fact that our politicians are actually some of our best workers who take their orders from others who have far more power. It also doesn’t take into account that not all our politicians are wealthy, that some really do consider themselves to be trusted public servants who do rely on getting paid to do their job and be able to survive.

So, what is our government trying to do? Starve out our last remaining politicians who have good will towards the people they serve?

Gov. Bruce Rauner and Comptroller Leslie Munger — please stop this hostile takeover of government. People deserve to get paid for doing good and necessary work to make others’ lives better and to help our structural and systematic foundations to operate more smoothly.

Franz Heitz, Lakeview

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Trump’s bait and switch

During the Republican primaries, Donald Trump called himself as “an outsider who will go to Washington and shake things up.” Now that he is the Republican nominee and running in the general election, his platform includes cutting taxes for the rich, reducing or eliminating regulations and increasing military spending. Those are exactly the same positions as every other Republican candidate for national office for as long as I can remember. In “The Art Of The Deal,” Trump wrote that you should tell the other person whatever they want to hear in order to close the deal. If anybody votes for Trump expecting big changes in the Federal government, I predict that they will be very disappointed.

Steven Stine, Highland Park

Welcome back

Good to see Phil Kadner up and running again. I look forward to reading his columns.

Tony Galati, Lockport

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