Police Supt. Eddie Johnson is back at work after a kidney transplant. |. Max Herman/For the Sun-Times

SNEED: A cheerful Eddie Johnson says he is ‘back in the saddle’

SHARE SNEED: A cheerful Eddie Johnson says he is ‘back in the saddle’
SHARE SNEED: A cheerful Eddie Johnson says he is ‘back in the saddle’


Chicago Police Supt.Eddie Johnson tells Sneed he’s “back in the saddle” since his kidney surgery, but it’s a new menu that made him a happy buckeroo!

“Broccoli! Washed down with a load of mashed potatoes—my favorite,” chirped Johnson to Sneed en route to an International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in Philly on Thursday.

“I’ll probably run into Garry [Chicago’s former top cop Garry McCarthy]while I’m there,” chuckled Johnson “and ask him if he is really going to run for mayor. We talk, you know.”


But then it was back to belly banter returning to Johnson’s elation over other new menu entrees: grilled salmon and red velvet cake.

“You can’t imagine how wonderful it was to finally be able to eat the food I love,” he said, following years of waiting for a new kidney fix.

“They were killers you had to stay away from due to kidney failure before the surgery,” he said.

“So I was able to celebrate by eating all of my favorite foods at my wedding [to Lt. Nakia Fenner]on Sept. 30 at the Apostolic Church of God.

“My visits to the clinic have now been cut back; the light-headed incident in Springfield recently was due to meds on an empty stomach, and I feel great. Just great.

“My son, who gave me my new kidney, says I’m now heavy one kidney and one wife!”

Over and out.

Bench press . . .

Advance warning!

A Sneed memo to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Don’t mess with U.S. District Court Judge Harry Leinenweber—who refused last week to change his previous ruling banning you from requiring sanctuary cities like Chicago to cooperate with new immigration rules detrimental to the city.

So why the warning?

Leinenweber’s private nickname is “Hang ‘em high, Harry!”

Kim’s whim . . .

Does reality star Kim KardashianWest not like Chicago?

Why, you may ask?

Well, not only did the reality queen of rash and trash cancel her appearance this week at Chicago Ideas Week to remain in Los Angeles, but last fall Kardashian canceled a Chicago visit with her hubby Kanye West and several of her family members who were set to dine and film scenes for their show at a local steakhouse.

The Markle sparkle . . .

Pass the scones! Cut the cake! Pour the tea!

Sneed’s old pal, London’s premier royal watcher Richard Kay, reports actress Meghan Markle— the inamorata of England’s Prince Harry, spent an hour last week taking tea and crumpets with Harry’s grandmama — Queen Elizabeth.

Kay, who was a guest of Sneed at an Alex Dana restaurant — along with a gaggle of reporters covering the arrival of Harry’s mum, Princess Diana, in Chicago back in 1996, is characterizing the event as just another paver in the path to a possible engagement announcement.

Markle, 36, has recently been shooting scenes for her TV show “Suits” in Toronto, where the couple occasionally meet.

Tee-hee and canoodle dee dee!

An intimate tea party with the queen is seriously sparking wedding rumors among the chattering class.

All in the family . . .

Dateline: The water line.

Now comes word the water spigot has been working overtime in the political dynasty line.

•Translation: In addition to former Cook County Board President Todd Stroger choosing the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago to reinsert his family name back into the political mainstream (Sneed tip Thursday), now comes word Adam “A. J.” Pucinski, who is related to the late legendary Ald. Roman “Pooch” Pucinskiand his daughter, Judge Aurie Pucinski, is also eyeing a slot on the water board.

Stiffing Tiffany?

Ivana tell ya: It’s been noted Tiffany Trump, the president’s daughter with actress Marla Maples, turned 24 last Friday without a happy birthday mention on social media from dad and her half-sibs.

• Hmmm. Could the recent TV interview with the Donald’s first wife, Ivana— mother of Ivanka,Donald Jr., and Eric— who trashed Maples and praised Melania — be the reason Tiffany’s lamp is not glowing these days?

Bet on it.

Fly ’em . . .

Listen up!

Loyola University President Jo Ann Rooney,a Red Sox fan who has adopted the Chicago Cubs, is a high-flier.

• Translation: Sneed is told Rooney, a former acting undersecretary of defense in the Obama administration, parachuted out of an airplane with a group of old buddies: the U.S. Army Golden Knights Parachute Team in the 2017 Air and Water Show.

Now how’d we miss that?

Sneedlings . . .

I spy: Los Angeles Dodgers great Tommy Lasorda spotted at Gibsons on Rush this week. . . . Today’s birthdays: Snoop Dogg, 46; John Krasinski, 38, and Candice Swanepoel, 29.

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