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Police: Man left threatening voicemail at Naperville school

William H. MacKinnon | DuPage County sheriff's office

A man has been charged with leaving a threatening voicemail at a Catholic school in west suburban Naperville.

William H. MacKinnon, 48, of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, faces one felony count of telephone harassment, according to Naperville police.

On Feb. 7, MacKinnon left a long voicemail at St. Raphael Catholic School that was “harassing and threatening in nature to several people,” police said. Archbishop Blasé Cupich was mentioned in the voicemail, but there was no direct threat made about him.

The voicemail did not include a specific threat of violence. Police declined to comment on the motive behind the voicemail.

MacKinnon was initially arrested on a misdemeanor warrant obtained March 27, but the warrant was dropped after he was arrested on a felony warrant April 28, police said.

Last year, MacKinnon was charged with threatening a public official and harassing phone calls for voicemails he left for a police officer and fire chief in west suburban Wheaton, according to Wheaton police. The messages referenced murder, rape and threats to family members. He was arrested Sept. 23, 2016, and extradited to DuPage County.

MacKinnon is next scheduled to appear in court May 24 on the Naperville charge, according to DuPage County court records.