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SNEED: Aldermen seek rule to require more netting at baseball parks

David Ross of the Cubs runs into the net after catching a foul ball during game one of the World Series. A movement to expand protective netting in baseball stadiums has been started. | Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Safe at home . . .

Net. Get. Set.

Sneed has learned a major move is afoot to amend the city’s municipal code to require installation of more protective netting at the Cubs and White Sox ballparks.

“This has become a safety issue around the nation as more and more fans have become aware of the dangers associated with viewing major league baseball games,” said City Council Finance chairman Ald. Ed Burke (14th), who wants an ordinance in full force by the next City Council meeting on Oct. 11 before the playoff games begin.

Burke said the proposed ordinance requiring more safety netting will be introduced directly to the committee by Ald. Brian Hopkins (2nd) as well as aldermen Tom Tunney and Patrick D. Thompson, whose 44th and 11th wards house both the city’s major ballparks. “It needs to be approved quickly,” said Burke.

“Fans were shocked to watch a two-year-old girl knocked out in New York by a line drive baseball on television recently,” said Burke. “These balls travel at a deadly velocity.

“Even the players realize something needs to be done to protect the fans from dangerous foul balls speeding at such a deadly velocity.”

Major league baseball has indicated they would discuss the issue during the offseason.


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