Stormy Daniels may have a birthday surprise for Donald Trump

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Stormy Daniels’ shows at the Admiral Theatre begin on Thursday, the birthday of President Trump. Will the porn start have a surprise for the president?

Storm warning!

It’s the Donald’s birthday!

He’s 72 years old.

It’s also Flag Day!

Are we raving?

Or waving?

Porn star Stormy Daniels, aka Stephanie Clifford, who claims to have had a tryst with President Donald Trump in 2006 and is suing to tell all, is expected to hit the stage at the Admiral Theatre on Thursday night.

It’s expected Stormy will be wearing her birthday suit.

“While I am not trying to be coy, she [Daniels] has requested that we not spoil the surprise she is planning” . . . which has something to do with the date of her performance,” said Admiral Theatre spokesman Nick Cecola, alluding, perhaps, to her “Get America Horny Again” show hitting Chicago on Trump’s birthday.


Will the porn star sing a “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” salute (a la Marilyn Monroe) to the man whose head she wants placed in a wringer?

Will a Trump double show up?

Cecola told Sneed weeks ago: “We may have a surprise guest.”

“All of Ms. Daniels’ [five] shows (June 14-16) have been sold out,” said Cecola, who also claims Daniels will be the most “famous” or “infamous” performer to appear at the 90-year-old theater, which began as a Vaudeville house.

Sneedless to say . . .

• Will our nation’s commander-in-grief, er . . . thief, er . . . chief, tweet Happy Birthday to the U.S. Army, with whom he shares a birthday, as he did last year?

• Will first lady Melania Trump duplicate her tweet to her supporters last year requesting them to digitally sign a card for her hubby?

• Will Trump’s detractors, who ostensibly hope none of his wishes come true, send Trump a one-way plane ticket to Russia?

• Will the president, who was placed recently on dietary restrictions and told to slash his burger buns, be allowed to chow down on some celebratory cake?

Sneed exclusive . . .

It’s hardball.

Sneed has learned the mega A-list celeb/Parkland student anti-gun violence rally and march at St. Sabina Church on Friday — which Sneed exclusively tipped June 2 — has upped the ante.

• To wit: Not only has former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords, a gun victim, and rapper been added to the rally mix, but Sneed is told a teen summit will be held at St. Sabina on Saturday comprised of 22 kids from Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and 50 youth from Chicago’s North, West and South Side schools as well as a St. Sabina barbecue for voter registration.

“St. Sabina has been chosen as the first stop on a 20-city tour by the Parkland students to unite young people across the country against gun violence for once and for all,” said the Rev. Michael Pfleger, St. Sabina’s pastor.

The Carol Burnett Show!

It was a walk down memory lane when legendary comedienne Carol Burnett walked into Alex Dana’s Rosebud on Rush eatery Monday for a bite before she hit the stage at the Chicago Theatre — and spotted her picture on the wall.

“It’s been there for decades,” said Dana. “Carol loved our first restaurant on Taylor Street years ago — and didn’t remember where it was, so decided to go to our place on Rush Street,” he said.

“She said she was so stunned to see her photograph on our wall, she decided to rearrange things. She asked us to take it down, so she could re-autograph it! It was her way of commemorating the moment.”

Then the icon posed for pictures, signed autographs and promised to return.

Sneedlings . . .

I spy: Tony award-winning producer Jeffrey Seller, of “Hamilton” and “Rent” fame, dining at Petterino’s on Tuesday night. . . . Legendary Bears coach Mike Ditka spotted at Harry Caray’s in River North on Tuesday afternoon. . . .Today’s birthdays: Donald Trump, 72; Boy George, 57; and Lucy Hale, 29.

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