Watch: Vicki Reece shares a great way to spread a little kindness this summer

SHARE Watch: Vicki Reece shares a great way to spread a little kindness this summer

You know what? Ellen DeGeneres is right — we should all be kinder to one another. And with your kids around the house for the summer, why not spend some time with them and spread a little kindness?

In this video column, Vicki Reece from Joy of Mom tells us about The Kindness Rocks Project, an online community that’s just trying to spread some love and positivity through simple acts of kindness. Watch this video for some simple steps to involve your kids in spreading joy and kindness this summer.

Families enjoying the summer weather. Leo Ji/Sun-Times

Families enjoying the summer weather. Leo Ji/Sun-Times


I’m Vicki Reece from Joy of Mom for the Chicago Sun-Times.

We’ve been chatting about fun summer activities with our friends on our Joy of Mom livestreams, which we do every Tuesday and Thursday on our Facebook page. It’s one of the ways we share our lives with our friends and learn about great tips and ideas like this one I’m about to share with you. Here are some awesome summer activities.

Thanks to Gloria, Megan E., Crystal, Marissa, Helen, Teresa, Angie, Kathy and Megs for sharing with us “Kindness Rocks,” which is a great organization started to inspire and spread kindness to others who find these rocks around the world.

  1. Pick/find rocks at your local beach. If you don’t have a beach, you can find inexpensive bags of rocks at Michaels Crafts or your garden store.
  2. Chat with your children about your favorite sayings, quotes or word. For my rock I wrote the word “love”. Probably the simpler, the better. If your kids are young, I would suggest going with a favorite “word” versus “saying”.
  3. Use oil-based paint pens — or even paint if you’re okay with a little mess.
  4. To make sure your rocks stay beautiful and will last coat it with non-toxic clear sealant. Mod podge works great too!
  5. Finally, find special places around town to leave your rocks for someone else to find. It’ll put a smile on their face — they can pick it up, pass it on, and be inspired to create their own. I would also make extras so you can place your Kindness Eocks around your beautiful home too!

Enjoy your Kindness Rocks, and I hope that those that find yours enjoy and love them too!

I’m Vicki Reece for the Chicago Sun-Times and you can learn more about one of my new favorite summer activities at


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