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Nun shows off skills, throws curveball for first pitch before White Sox-Royals

Sister Mary Jo Sobieck throws out a ceremonial first pitch. | Nam Y. Huh/AP Photo

There was a baseball game Saturday between the White Sox and Royals, but you’ll have to pardon us for being caught up on what happened beforehand. The Sox had invited Sister Mary Jo Sobieck, one of the nuns who run Marian Catholic High School in Chicago Heights, to throw the first pitch prior to the game.

And oh, she did it. Whereas in the past we’ve seen athletes, musicians and all sorts of entertainers totally embarrass themselves on the mound, Sister Mary Jo showed off her ball skills then uncorked a CURVEBALL right down the plate for the first pitch.

Seriously, watch this.

Sister Mary Jo played softball and volleyball in college, according to a 2008 article from The Times of Northwest Indiana (passed on by USA Today). That’s quite apparent given her ability to spin a ball for a strike from over 60 feet away, something that most Americans couldn’t dream of doing, let alone in front of thousands of fans.

And hey, y’know … we’re only a couple weeks away from expanded rosters. Maybe the White Sox could find some room for a believer as a middle reliever.