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The Grid: Exploring the Norwood Park neighborhood

Video by Brian Rich with James Foster

Welcome to the “The Grid,” the Chicago Sun-Times’ in-depth look at Chicago neighborhoods.

I hope you’ve enjoyed following me on my visit to Norwood Park. It truly embodies a “suburb within the city.” The neighborhoods are maintained with utmost care. Old Norwood Park is especially breathtaking. The houses are impeccably maintained with beautiful lawns and sit on tree-lined streets that curve and create oddly shaped lots that create a romantic, bucolic feel.

Around every bend, there is something new to discover. The breadth of architecture is spectacular. There are Victorian homes, bungalows, ranch-style, Tudor, craftsman and the list goes on. Parks and green space are abundant. If you’re looking to raise a family away from the hustle and bustle of the city but want or need to still be in the city, Norwood Park is the perfect hidden gem of a neighborhood.

See you next time on The Grid!

Video by Brian Rich with Eliza Davidson