Curie beats Morgan Park to win city title

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Curie’s Dajuan Gordon (3) drives through the Morgan Park defense in their 65-60 CPS championship victory 65-60 at Chicago State University in Chicago, Sunday, February 17, 2019. | Kevin Tanaka/For the Sun Times

Curie is the great team that no one saw coming. The Condors were ranked seventh in the preseason and only one player on the team has a college scholarship offer.

“I tell people all the time I never in my wildest dreams thought we would be 29-1 right now,” Curie coach Mike Oliver said.

The 29th win was huge. No. 1 Curie beat No. 3 Morgan Park 65-60 on Sunday at Chicago State to win the city championship.

“It means everything,” Condors senior DaJuan Gordon said.

Gordon, a Kansas State recruit, is that one player with a scholarship. He finished with 28 points and six rebounds. Gordon’s basket with 56 second to play put the Condors, who had trailed most of the game, ahead for good.

“It was just me showing that I’m the best player on the court,” Gordon said. “I know I am.”

Morgan Park led by eight after three quarters. Curie point guard Trevon Hamilton changed the momentum of the game right at the start of the fourth quarter. He drained a three, took a charge at half court and then dished off an assist to Justin Harmon.

“[Oliver] told me at the end of the third quarter that it was time to step up and make a big play,” Hamilton said.


The Mustangs (26-4) didn’t score a basket for the final 5:20 of the game and committed several crucial turnovers down the stretch.

“We always talk about staying calm,” Hamilton said. “It took longer than we expected but we still kept playing our game and we came out with the win.”

“I told them at the beginning of the fourth quarter that we just needed to get stops, that defense would win the game,” Oliver said.

Hamilton scored seven points and junior Ramean Hinton added 14 points and six rebounds. Harmon finished with eight.

“[Gordon] has been unbelievable,” Oliver said. “He does everything, whatever it takes. We put him on [Morgan Park star Adam] Miller in the third and fourth quarter to try and stop him. Stats go out the window. If I allowed Gordon to shoot 30 times he would score 40 points a game, but he is a team player.”

Miller scored 23 points, including all five of Morgan Park’s points in the fourth quarter. The Mustangs turned the ball over 21 times.

“The officials took the game from us,” Irvin said. “That’s all I’m saying, that is what it came down to. They think we are the bad guys. They think we are the bad team all the time. We are just like everybody else. There are two separate rules: The Morgan Park rules and then everybody else. I’m tired of it.”

There was a confrontation between the officials and a Morgan Park supporter immediately after the game. Security and CSU Police got involved in the hallway in front of Morgan Park’s locker room. CPS security initially told Irvin not to bring his team back out for the postgame handshake, but Irvin insisted on it and it went on without incident.

“It takes away from our win and makes CPS look bad,” Oliver said. “It is unfortunate that a great event ends with chaos in the hallway. There is no way that should have happened to take away from something the kids worked so hard for. We shouldn’t have to deal with that nonsense. I’m glad security handled it and no one got hurt but it is just sad.”

This is Curie’s first official city championship. The Condors beat Young in the city title game in 2014 but were later forced to forfeit the championship by CPS due to an alleged rules violations. A Sun-Times investigation later showed that Curie was unfairly punished.


2019—Curie 65, Morgan Park 60

2018—Simeon 69, Orr 59

2017—Simeon 68, Morgan Park 64

2016—Simeon 54, Kenwood 49

2015—Bogan 47, Simeon, 42

2014—Curie 69, Young 66 4 OT, (later forfeited)

2013—Young 60, Morgan Park 56, OT

2012—Simeon 53, Curie 49

2011—Brooks 67, Young 54

2010—Morgan Park 61, Marshall 60

2009—North Lawndale 54, Hyde Park 51, OT

2008—Marshall 55, Farragut 51

2007—Simeon 89, Washington 57

2006—Simeon 55, Washington 40

2005—Westinghouse 67, Simeon 52

2004—Westinghouse 60, Simeon 48

2003—Crane 80, Julian 68

2002—Westinghouse 62, Farragut 58

2001—Morgan Park 67, Crane 60

2000—Westinghouse 82, Young 60

1999—King 59, Westinghouse 39

1998—Young 67, King 46

1997—Young 72, Manley 50

1996—Westinghouse 55, Farragut 46

1995—Farragut 71, Carver 62

1994—Westinghouse 59, King 58

1993—King 77, Westinghouse 52

1992—Westinghouse 76, King 68

1991—Marshall 58, Westinghouse 38

1990—King 83, Westinghouse 48

1989—King 67, Simeon 57

1988—Simeon 66, King 59

1987—King 93, Crane 66

1986—King 49, Simeon 46

1985—Simeon 65, Carver 54

1984—Simeon 44, Robeson 42

1983—Marshall 67, Collins 62, 2 OT

1982—Marshall 58, Crane 48

1981—Westinghouse 79, Marshall 66

1980—Manley 67, Collins 55

1979—Manley 88, Westinghouse 83, 2 OT

1978—Westinghouse 71, Manley 68

1977—Phillips 77, Westinghouse 65

1976—Morgan Park 75, Vocational 60

1975—Phillips 65, Morgan Park 60

1974—Morgan Park 84, Phillips 73

1973—Hirsch 55, Parker 53

1972—Crane 75, Marshall 63

1971—Harlan 44, Tilden 38

1970—Harlan 72, DuSable 63

1969—Hirsch 72, Bowen 66

1968—Crane 75, Marshall 65

1967—Harlan 60, DuSable 56

1966—Marshall 81, Dunbar 68

1965—Marshall 69, DuSable 55

1964—Crane 63, Dunbar 58

1963—Carver 57, Harlan 51

1962—Carver 47, Marshall 39

1961—Marshall 64, DuSable 61

1960—Marshall 79, Crane 38

1959—Marshall 61, Crane 58

1958—Marshall 68, Dunbar 59

1957—Crane 66, Marshall 61

1956—Dunbar 79, Hyde Park 68

1955—Marshall 67, Crane 57

1954—DuSable 82, Lake View 65

1953—DuSable 82, Wells 74

1952—Roosevelt 63, Tilden 62

1951—Parker 64, Von Steuben 58

1950—Tilden 45, Vocational 35

1949—Tilden 54, Marshall 49

1948—Marshall 57, Von Steuben 32

1947—South Shore 58, Lane 38

1946—Tilden 59, Amundsen 51

1945—Senn 32, Von Steuben 20

1944—South Shore 51, Harper 37

1943—Kelvyn Park 28, Lindblom 26, OT

1942—Lindblom 41, Kelly 25

1941—Manley 38, Marshall 34

1940—Crane 35, Hirsch 23

1939—Lane 30, Hirsch 25

1938—Von Steuben 27, Hyde Park 24

1937—Wells 23, Farragut 21

1936—Farragut 23, Kelvyn Park 21

1935—Tilden 33, Senn 24

1934—Lane 29, Tilden 16

1933—Lake View 25, Bowen 17

1932—Crane 25, Calumet 21

1931—Crane 30, Phillips 22

1930—Phillips 20, Morgan Park 19

1929—Crane 23, Lindblom 17

1928—Crane 20, Englewood 19

1927—Englewood 20, Lane 17

1926—Lane 31, Englewood 17

1925—Hyde Park 17, Lake View 11

1924—Lane 18, Phillips 4

1923—Tilden 30, Hyde Park 11

1922—Austin 27, Lane 9

1921—Crane 21, Hyde Park 8

1920—Lane 15, Hyde Park 15, tie

1919—Schurz 17, Englewood 12

1918—Englewood 21, McKinley 8

1917—Phillips 22, Lane 11

1916—Hyde Park 24, Marshall 20

1915—Lane 23, Calumet 7

1914—Parker 18, Lane 16

1913—Hyde Park 11, Englewood 9

1912—Hyde Park 19, Lyons 18

1911—Lane 34, Hyde Park 29

1910—Englewood 30, Calumet 18

1909—Lake View 40, Calumet 17

1908—Lake 25, Austin 21

1907—Lake View 24, Austin 21

1906—Oak Park 21, Austin 14

1905—Austin 62, Lake 22

1904—North Division 26, Austin 19

1903—North Division 41, Medill 14

1902—Medill 16, Lake 15

1901—Hyde Park 23, North Division 22, OT

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