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Man charged in gas station heist linked to series of NW Indiana armed robberies

A 31-year-old man charged with robbing a gas station at gunpoint Tuesday in northwest Indiana has been identified as a suspect in a string of recent heists in the area, police said.

Ian Ladwaune Rawls was charged with felony counts of armed robbery, resisting law enforcement and operating without a driver’s license, according to Michigan City police.

Officers began searching suspects and vehicles after responding to the robbery at the Save gas station at 1811 Franklin St. in Michigan City, Indiana, police said. Officers eventually located Rawls’ vehicle, which matched the description of the vehicle used in another robbery at a nearby GoLo gas station.

When officers tried to pull him over, Rawls ran off before attempting to jump back in the vehicle, police said. Officers then drew their weapons and he was taken into custody after bring identified by an alleged victim.

After getting a warrant, police searched Rawls’ vehicle and found evidence that further linked him to the robbery on Franklin, police said. Rawls is now being investigated in connection with a series of separate armed robberies in Laporte County over the last several days.

Rawls is scheduled to appear in court on March 26.