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Snowfall ends Monday morning before warming up into Tuesday

Divvy bikes covered in snow. Sun-Times file photo

The snow will continue to fall in the Chicago area Sunday night, but it won’t stay on the ground long as temperatures rise Monday and Tuesday.

The snow and wind, which dumped 4.8 inches in the area and as much as 8 inches in the northwest suburbs, is expected to move out early Monday morning, according to the National Weather Service.

Temperatures will hover around the lower 30s through early Monday morning, the weather service said.

By Sunday evening, the Illinois State Police reported fewer car accident calls than earlier in the day, signaling an improvement in road conditions. Untreated roads may be slick, and all commuters should use caution during their morning commutes.

High winds along the lakefront will move east into Indiana, the weather service said.

By 11 a.m. Monday, temperatures are expected to pass 40 degrees and stay at that range into Tuesday, the weather service said. Areas with heavier snow will be slower to warm up.

The temperature will climb above 60 degrees Tuesday, the weather service said. Skies are expected to be clear throughout the day, but thunderstorms may develop in the northern suburbs at night.