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Girl in suspected Chicago kidnapping returns home safely to Mount Prospect

Sun-Times file photo

A teenage girl from Mount Prospect returned home safely after her family worried she may have been held against her will by her estranged mother in Chicago.

Cyan Mitchell was located Wednesday and returned to her custodial parent in the northwest suburbs, Mount Prospect police said.

Police in Mount Prospect have not determined if Mitchell was being held against her will, but said they “are still looking into this incident and it is still an ongoing investigation.”

On Wednesday, Mitchell’s grandmother brought the 17-year-old to the Chicago Police Department, which notified Mount Prospect police that the girl was found, Mount Prospect police said.

Mitchell was reported missing from Mount Prospect on March 17 by her custodial mother, who suspected she might have been held by her birth mother she was visiting for the weekend in Chicago.

Cyan’s custodial mother of 10 years, Melissa Mitchell, said the girl was inexplicably reported missing by the birth mother in Homan Square during the visit. The birth mother told her that Cyan ran away to avoid arrest from Mount Prospect police, but Mitchell said she did not believe it.

“It’s just unbelievable that Cyan would do that,” Mitchell said.

She was suspicious of the birth mother’s account because Cyan’s phone stopped accepting calls during the visit, and the birth mother suddenly blocked Cyan’s father’s number.

Mount Prospect police tried to locate Cyan at the birth mother’s home, but did not find her there, a spokesman for the department said. The spokesman added that Cyan is not wanted for anything criminal.