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Chicago outdoors: Bucks, rut, dogs, suburban coyote, sandhill cranes

Tales of bucks, dogs and the rut from the suburbs, a story for a suburban coyote and the high count for sandhill cranes are among the notes from around Chicago outdoors.

Dog and big buck encounter in Green Oaks. Photo provided by Lynn & Tim Snell
Dog and big buck encounter in Green Oaks.
Provided by Lynn & Tim Snell

Notes come from all around Chicago outdoors.


“Hi again from our yard in Green Oaks! . . . Our dog started to go after him, but fortunately listened when I told her no. That buck was NOT leaving! Hung around for about 20 minutes. I hate to think what he could have done to her with that rack!!” Lynn & Tim Snell

A: Canines and bucks have a natural aversion (hatred?) of each other. That particularly comes to the fore during the rut.


Coyote on the fence in Glen Ellyn. Photo provided by Rob Huber
Coyote on the fence in Glen Ellyn.
Provided by Rob Huber

Rob Huber of Glen Ellyn found this “suburban coyote moonlighting as a zoning inspector.”

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Through Jan. 3: Drive-through light show outdoors, Morton Arboretum, Lisle,


Thursday, Nov. 26: Waterfowl seasons open, south zone


16,375: Sandhill crane count Tuesday (high of the fall) at Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area southeast of Valparaiso, Ind. Click here for the latest on the crane count.


“Lots of bucks out looking for does. The second one is taking a break from chasing after females and enjoying a pumpkin!”

Paul Yambrovich, with observations along trails by the Des Plaines River (and I am thinking the wild equivalent of a cigarette)

Buck with pumpkin near Des Plaines River. Photo provided by Paul Yambrovich
Buck with pumpkin near Des Plaines River.
Provided by Paul Yambrovich