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Chicago outdoors and coronavirus: Update on Illinois boat trailer stickers, few tweaks in Indiana

There will be a long extension before new stickers for boat trailer plates are needed in Illinois, and Indiana has a few tweaks in the second update today on Chicago outdoors and coronavirus.

Boat and trailer in Illinois. Credit: Dale Bowman
Boat and trailer in Illinois.
Dale Bowman

Owners of boat trailers in Illinois will have a long extension before needing a new sticker. That leads the second update today on the impact of coronavirus on Chicago outdoors.

John Dowling emailed a question on a lot of people’s minds:

Hi Dale. Have you heard anything about boat trailer sticker renewals? The way I read the Secretary of State website, registrations will be good until “at least 30 days” after the offices reopen. There is no mention of boat trailer plates specifically, but it says vehicle registrations. All trailer plates expire on the same day April 30 of each year, I know a lot of people are antsy to get new stickers (despite the $100 increase this year!!). Stay safe and healthy!

May we all stay healthy.

I forwarded the question to Dave Druker, press secretary for the Illinois Secretary of State. He emailed this answer:

Hi Dale. Boat trailer plates are covered in the date extension. In fact we are going to a 90 day extension from the day we re-open, rather than the 30 days. This will give people ample time to renew registrations.

That was straightforward.

* * *

“Indiana DNR COVID-19 Response” was updated again this morning. There are a few tweaks, but it is largely the same as before. Click here to see the updated page.