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Video: Mike Ditka will 'Prancercise' at NFL draft if he raises $100k

Former Bears coach Mike Ditka is stumping for Gridiron Greats by offering to Prancercise if football fans donate $100,000.

Prancercise is an Internet sensation that I apparently missed out on a few years ago. Here’s a refresher course on Prancercising from Joanna Rohrback. The video has over 11 million views on YouTube.

Da Coach is offering to Prancercise at the 2015 NFL draft in Chicago if he can raise $100,000 for Gridiron Greats. Click here to donate.

Here’s the video of Da Coach’s offer:

So, how badly do you want to see Coach do whatever that is? The highest bidder will get a private dinner with Ditka and Rohrback, and will be featured in a future Prancercise video.