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Bears fans are taking over San Diego before the Monday Night Football game

Bears fans travel as well as any team in the NFL. This has been true for years, and it doesn’t seem to matter where the game is being played. With the Bears in San Diego to play the Chargers for Monday Night Football, Bears fans are flooding the city.

The game is a perfect storm for Bears fans. Not only do they consistently travel, but the Chargers consistently play home games in front of a split crowd. Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers said the team expects Bears fans to not only show up but be plenty vocal.

Via San Diego Union-Tribune:

“You appreciate the fans of ours that are there. Certainly it’s not their fault,” he said. “I’ve always understood, even going back, years back — certain teams have a bigger following, and if you had to pick a road game to go to, San Diego probably would be the one I’d pick, especially late, in November or December.”

Rivers said the team is preparing to use a silent count and nonverbal communications. He said veterans are preparing young Chargers players for playing in front of a hostile home crowd.

Bears fans are already making their presence known. Those who showed up over the weekend took over local bars and are very visible in the city.

This is far from the first time Bears fans took over a city during a Bears road game. Earlier this year, when the Bears played Kansas City, fans ate so much food that restaurants ran out of meat. A similar situation happened in 2012 when Bears fans who traveled to Tennessee drank bars out of beer.