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Jeremy Langford is great complement for Matt Forte—Insider

The Chicago Bears drafted Michigan State running back Jeremy Langford in the fourth round of the NFL Draft.

Michigan State beat writer Joe Rexrode for the Detroit Free Press discussed the Bears’ newest running back on “The Sports ReKap” with host Nick Kapetan.

Rexrode thought Langford was good enough to be selected in the second or third round, and will take a load off Bears running back Matt Forte.

“The great thing about him, he’s going to be a great complementary piece for [Matt] Forte,” Rexrode said.

The qualities that stood out to Rexrode during the 2014 season were Langford is a very good pass blocker and receiver out of the backfield. But Rexrode said Langford can help the Bears right away on special teams.

“He can help in the kicking game. He’s a guy that will hit someone.”

Langford’s running style is different from Forte. Rexrode said Langford is considered a short-yardage back because he will only make one cut and is a north-south runner compared to Forte, who likes to run east-west.

“I can count on one hand how many times [Langford] has lost yardage at Michigan State.”

One NFC scout said he doesn’t see Langford as a starter in the NFL:

“I think he can be a backup or compete as a third down back, but he doesn’t run tough enough to be able to project him as a starter in really any scheme.”