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Ho-hum, just another long Blackhawks win streak

Blackhawks fans are spoiled. Not that they don’t deserve it, after the years of ineptitude, but fans have clearly been spoiled by the team’s hunt for a Stanley Cup each and every year.

Once again, the Blackhawks are streaking to the top. Sunday night the Blackhawks won their seventh straight game, a streak that most teams in the NHL would fall head over heels for. But for the Blackhawks, it’s just business as usual.

This is the seventh time this Blackhawks core has had a win streak stretching through this many games.

Taking a step back, the Blackhawks have win streaks of at least six games 10 different times during that same stretch.

The Blackhawks have streaks of at least six games in each of the last three seasons. In their Stanley Cup seasons of 2014-15 and 2012-13 the team went on a win streak of at least eight games.

If the Blackhawks can extend to nine straight games, or whenever they get their next two wins, Joel Quenneville will take a big step forward in history. Quenneville will move into sole possession of the second spot in all-time wins for a head coach in the NHL, only trailing his boss’ father, Scotty Bowman.