Amid fears of the coronavirus pandemic and a stay-at-home order from Gov. J.B. Pritzker, a lone man has Daley Plaza to himself as he walks through the Loop.

Amid fears of the coronavirus pandemic and a stay-at-home order from Gov. J.B. Pritzker, a lone man has Daley Plaza to himself as he walks through the Loop.

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What worries Chicagoans most about the coronavirus

As we settle into our new (temporary) normal, anxieties are still high for many. We asked Sun-Times readers what worries them most about the pandemic.

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Chicagoans learned this past week that the state’s stay-at-home order will last until at least the end of April as the number of coronavirus cases in Illinois continued to skyrocket, especially in Chicago and Cook County.

As we settle into our new (temporary) normal, we asked readers what worries them most about the coronavirus pandemic. Some answers have been condensed and lightly edited for clarity. Here’s what they said:

“I’m worried for my 80-year-old parents.” — Pam Shelton

“Jobs. I’ve been looking since August, and no luck. This is making things worse.” — Jackie Waldhier

“Being able to keep up with bills and rent and having a job to go back to.” — Elizabeth Sierzega

“That I’ll die.” — Maria McLeese

“Fear of what we don’t know. Dying alone. My family getting sick. Lack of food. Lack of money.” — Sandra Adam

“That I die leaving my kids without a mom. I’ve got heart disease.” — Ingrid Breslin

“What worries me first and foremost is the safety of our first-responders and medical personnel. We need them healthy, rested and protected. Second is the safety of our food supply. My daughter shops once or twice a week for 3 households: mine, hers and her sister’s, who has a child with compromised lungs due to asthma, and she has chronic bronchitis, too.” — Gale Watson

Coronavirus Data

The numbers that tell the story: Our coronavirus data tracking

On our Coronavirus Data page, you’ll find a collection of graphs, charts and maps tracing the spread of the virus, tracking test results and plotting the impact on individual counties. Check back daily for updated totals.

“I’m most worried about how long this will last. We need to start thinking about how to roll back precautions so businesses can reopen, while at the same time keeping our most vulnerable citizens safe.” —Jason Betke

“Keeping my small business open (we are essential). I am praying I can continue to pay my staff.” — Stephanie Paszkiewicz

“Our inability to detect asymptomatic spread. We all should have been wearing (non-medical) masks since the beginning.” — @K_McG on Twitter

“Not knowing I have it and giving it to my family.” — Brandon Bonovitz

“What worries me most about coronavirus is what will happen on Easter Sunday.This could be the largest single day for the spread of infections as currently unaffected families proceed with their traditional family gatherings.They might even take Grandma out of the nursing home for the day so she can make her traditional Easter cookies for the extended family at home.Hugs and kisses all around.Double-chip dunk in the onion dip.And around the crowded table we hear, ‘I took too much, can I give you some of this off my plate?’ ” — Dan

“That the economy is in a freefall that is unprecedented and the current ‘Administration’ is without any tools to handle its effects.” — Dan Sulla

“My worry is today it’s going to be almost 60 degrees outside: Are people going to stay inside? I don’t think so. From a worried ER nurse.” — Brian L

“That many of us will not have anything to go back to after the quarantine. No job, no house, no money.” — Todd Shissler

“I’m worried about people and animals who do not live in a safe home environment. I can’t stop thinking about victims of abuse in their own households. They must be terrified, in so much pain and so scared.” — @carlisle555 on Twitter

“When eviction forgiveness and shutoff cancellation stops, yet so many are still struggling. When testing is more readily available, and we see just how pervasive this is.” — Tiffany Perkins

“My parents getting it. Neither in great health. My father is in his 80s, and my mother her 70s and on oxygen.” — @CopperSiren on Twitter

“The health workers overexposed, overworked, sleepless and running out of materials. Their families being exposed, too. The loss of loved ones. The feeling of helplessness, uncertainty, hopelessness, not knowing when it’ll end.” — @ChristianKaleb on Twitter

We’re making our vital coronavirus coverage free for all readers. See the latest news here. If you’re out of work during the shutdown, here’s how to apply for unemployment benefits.

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