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Brothers shoot suspected robber in Bridgeview

A store clerk called his brother after an attempted robbery and they chased the suspect into Bridgeview, where they engaged in a brief shootout.

A child was fatally shot June 25, 2021, in Burbank.
A male was shot April 28, 2020, in Bridgeview after an attempted robbery in Justice.
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A store clerk and his brother shot a suspected robber Tuesday in Bridgeview after he allegedly tried to rob a business in southwest suburban Justice for the second time in five days.

The male tried to rob the store about 6:15 p.m. near 82nd Street and Roberts Road in Justice, but was foiled by the clerk, according to Bridgeview spokesman Ray Hanania. He was also suspected of robbing the same place on Friday.

The clerk called his brother, who was driving with friends nearby on Roberts Road, Hanania said. Together, they chased the suspected robber into Bridgeview, where they engaged in a brief shootout.

The suspected robber was shot in the back and hospitalized in good condition, Hanania said. Weapons were recovered from both the suspect and the brothers.

Bridgeview police are investigating the shootings, while Justice police are investigating the robberies, Hanania said.

Charges are pending against the suspected robber, Hanania said. The brothers will not be charged.