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Cubs star Kris Bryant, wife Jessica announce their first child

The couple expect to have baby boy next spring, they announced on Instagram.

Instagram screenshot | Kris Bryant (@kris_bryant17)

Chicago Cubs star Kris Bryant and his wife Jessica expect to have their first child next spring, the couple announced on social media Tuesday.

An Instagram post on Bryant’s account includes a touching video of moments from their relationship before revealing they expect to have a baby boy in April 2020. The caption reads, “Life is getting interesting, and I couldn’t be happier!” It’s all very sweet.

Jessica also posted the same video on her Instagram account with the caption, “Our journey is just beginning.”

The Bryants grew up together in Las Vegas and got married in January 2017 at a wedding in the area.

The mentions on Kris’ post are already full of congratulations from big leaguers, including former teammates Dexter Fowler and Mike Freeman, who told Bryant, “You’re going to be a great dad!”

The Cubs open the 2020 regular season March 26 on the road against the Brewers. Bryant may need to miss time during a busy April with only three days off in order to attend the birth of his first kid.