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BBC America’s ‘The Game’ should play well with spy fans

Fans of spy stories will want to check out BBC America’s new thriller, “The Game” — a recommendation that comes with a few caveats: You’d better like stories set in the Cold War and have no problem with British accents.

The six-part series that launches at 9 p.m. Wednesday comes from creator Toby Whithouse of “Doctor Who” and “Being Human” fame.

Taking place in the early ’70s, “The Game” focuses on a group of invisible soldiers in Britain’s elite MI5 intelligence agency, led by a man known only as Daddy. They’re in a race to subvert a KGB plot that involves Soviet sleeper agents who need to be tracked down before they destroy Britain and its allies.

I still prefer to get my Cold War spy chills from FX’s more relatable “The Americans,” but if you like your suspense set overseas with lots of style, it’s worth giving “The Game” a go.

Rating: [s3r star=3/4]