When you’re not watching TV, you’re watching the YouTube Awards winners

SHARE When you’re not watching TV, you’re watching the YouTube Awards winners

Winners were announced today in the 2007 YouTube Video Awards.

The winners were a little surprising. Expected viral stars such as Obama Girl and that hysterical “leave Britney alone!” whiner did not earn honors. Take a look at the winners here…

In the Adorable category:

“Laughing Baby”

In the Comedy category:

“Potter puppet pals”

In the Commentary category:

“LonelyGirl15 is Dead”

In the Creative category:

“The Original Human TETRIS”

In the Eyewitness category:

“Battle at Kruger”

In the Inspirational category:

“Blind Painter”

In the Instructional category:

“How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube”

In the Music category:

“Chocolate Rain”

In the Politics category:

“Stop the Clash of Civilizations”

In the Series category:

“The Guild: Episode One”

In the Short Film category:

“my name is lisa”

In the Sports category:

“Balloon Bowl”

from YouTube

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