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Book report: Andy Roddick Beat Me With A Frying Pan: Taking the Field with Pro Athletes and Olympic Legends to Answer Sports Fans' Burning Questions

Want to hear something depressing? Andy Roddick could

probably beat you in tennis even if he used a frying pan instead

of a racket. (Photo credit:

While we here at Sports Pros(e) don’t read as much as we probably

should, every now and again a book will stimulate our minds so much we

have to brag to others that we have, in fact, read a book recently.

You know that friend who is always making wild and boisterous claims? The one who says he could play in the WNBA or that LeBron James would make an excellent NFL wide receiver? Well, you’ve probably called him out on one of his hair-brained theses before and that escalated to a passionate debate. Those shouting matches never get anywhere because neither of you has James’ phone number on speed dial or has any way of getting in touch with Detroit Shock head coach Bill Laimbeer. Wouldn’t it be great if some guy with access to these athletes wrote a book about these fun little arguments, along the way providing some intriguing answers?

Done. Thank you so much, Todd Gallagher.

I first discovered this book on a table of giveaway books at the office. The title caught my attention so he cracked it open to a passage discussing the likelihood that an all-midget baseball team would be a dominant offensive force. Two hours later he was getting a very interesting take on the athletic ability of female athletes. Warning: feminists will not like Gallagher’s conclusion.

ARBMWAFP is irreverent, easy-to-read and appropriately snarky. There’s enough self- deprecating humor to break up the stats and it’s fascinating to get inside the mind of a pro athlete. These guys are so intense, so focused on winning that they take even the silliest challenge like it’s a World Series game. It makes the reader appreciate the mental preparation it takes to be elite at a sport.

Sports Pros(e) rating: 4 out of 5 bookmarks.