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The turf at the Capital One Bowl had a rough day

To say that the field conditions for today’s Capital One Bowl between Penn State and LSU were terrible would be an understatement.

A driving rainstorm at the beginning of the game overwhelmed the sod, making it look like a bunch of kids had turfed Old Man Sutter’s yard by doing donuts in their cars.

Joe Paterno’s Nittany Lions emerged victorious with a 19-17 come-from-behind win to give the legendary coach his 24th bowl win.

After the game, PSU coach Jay Paterno snapped this picture of the field, proving just how sloppy it was out there.

LSU wide receiver Brandon LaFell was apparently not a fan of the muck and mire.

“That was by far the worst field condistions I’ve ever seen in my life,” he said. “For them to say this is the best bowl outside the BCS, I would expect to play on the best field outside the BCS.”