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Video: Florida's Chandler Parsons hits 3/4 court shot

Chandler Parsons hit a 65-foot prayer at the buzzer to lift the Florida Gators to a stunning 62-61 road win over North Carolina State Sunday.

Parsons corralled a missed free throw with 2.6 seconds left, took two dribbles and let his buzzer-beater loose.

No one was as surprised as the 6-foot-9 reserve forward when his desperation heave hit nothing but net.

“I’d be lying if I felt that it looked good going in or I felt that I

had it,” Parsons said. “I was trying to make sure that I got it off in


Gators coach Billy Donovan did his best Dr. Ian Malcolm after the game — finding beauty in the chaos.

“It was one of those shots where there was nothing

diagrammed, there was no play,” Donovan said. “It was just a guy who

took the ball, and you talk about strange things happening. If the ball

bounced anywhere except where it bounced, maybe a different guy shoots