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Not even a grisly eye injury can stop the Suns' Steve Nash

How good is Steve Nash?

So good he only needed one eye to lead the Phoenix Suns to a series-clinching road victory against San Antonio last night.

After taking an inadvertent elbow from the Spurs’ Tim Duncan, Nash got six make-shift stitches in the locker room and emerged looking like a guy that got the losing end of a bar fight. But somehow, he was able to find enough depth perception to score 10 of his 20 points and dish out five assists after his return in the fourth quarter.

“I couldn’t see anything,” Nash said.

He looked like Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini,” Suns forward Grant Hill said. “It forced him to focus ‘cuz he was shooting out of one


Nash will have a full week to let the swelling go down before the Suns kick off the Western Conference finals against the winner of the Lakers-Jazz series.