Ozzie unplugged on his ‘horses---' team

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Ozzie Guillen on his offense after the 6-1 loss Friday night – in full:

“The Chicago media, I hope you come up with something for a headline, I ain’t got shit, I don’t. It’s no matter what I say, what I do, stay positive, different ways to approach them, different ways to talk about them, there’s so many ways you can try to get those guys going – the good way, the hard way, the no care way, the what’s going on way, I tried all those. And we’ve only played for a month and a half. It seems like no matter who’s pitching, a lefty, righty, breaking baller, knuckleballer, hard-thrower, no matter what, they look very good against us. I wish I had the answer to be honest with you. So many guys are struggling. Sometimes they give you good at-bats, sometimes they don’t. It’s hard to see it every day. It gets to the point where I don’t want to lose any confidence in those guys, I never will, but in the meanwhile, I’ve started putting doubts in my mind. Am I thinking the right thing or lying to myself? I hope I’m not lying to myself believing in those guys. It’s swimming against the current. We left eight or nine guys on base. I’m not a stats guy, because I think stats lie, but in the meanwhile you look at the White Sox stats, that’s pretty ugly.”

“Offensively, I won’t say it’s ugly, it’s kind of embarrassing. Lefty, right, artificial grass, day game, 40 degrees, 90 degrees, 100 degrees, same stuff. If I knew we had a bad-hitting team I could live with that, but I always say, ‘We’re better than this.’ Every time we take the field I think we’re going to score a lot of runs, but everyday I come empty. Frustrated, empty, unhappy … as a manager you try and stay positive, but in the meanwhile it’s not easy to stay positive when you see a rewind. The same movie rewind for so many days. I guess I will stay positive, fight with them, go down with them.”

“When you struggle, you struggle as a team. That’s why average is the most overrated thing. You can hit .350 and not help the team win. No matter what we do, when we get things going, one guy gets hurt, one guy is sick, one guy is sore, we try to figure out the way it is. The hardest thing for any manager – a lot of people say talk to the media, that’s the easy part. The hardest thing for a manager is to make those guys believe, figure out the best lineup every night. The toughest thing for me in seven years I’ve been here is trying to make the lineup every night. We’re trying to find the right match-up, nothing is going on.

“It’s hard to see this every day. I feel bad for Walk. I feel him because a lot of people are blaming him. Maybe it is his fault, I know Walk, he’ll take it. But I don’t blame Walk. I think he works hard. In the meanwhile, I had four guys in the lineup hitting under [.200] to start the game. Kansas City Royals, they in last place? They got five guys hitting three-something. I think you look man-by-man our lineup is better, but it’s not showing that way. What are we going to do? Keep plugging it in, keep being positive, get up and get it tomorrow. But if they don’t get tired, if they’re not embarrassed when they look at the scoreboard, they should. I would be. This is contagious, because you have a few guys swinging the bat good and seven guys that are horseshit. Pitching, Buehrle went out really well, cruising along, all of a sudden, boom – no shit, no cushion. One mistake the game is over.

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