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Olsen "optimistic" about playing under Martz

Bears tight end Greg Olsen has been mum for most of the off-season. But, he chatted with me for a bit Thursday. Here are some highlights of my talk with him.

On how he feels about his role in Mike Martz’s offense: “The question that immediately arose was, ‘Where do tight ends fit in?’ I was right there; I wasn’t nave. I know he’s one of the best coordinators (in the NFL). For me, the track record wasn’t there. But I feel positive and optimistic, after conversations with him and what we’ve done on the field, that I’ll continue to have a big role in our offense like I have had the last couple of years.

“I don’t see that changing.”

On if he ever asked to be traded: “In this process, never once did I say publicly or privately that I didn’t want to be in Chicago. If it were up to me, I’d play my entire career with the Bears. Obviously, there’s a lot more that goes into it than that. I’ve enjoyed my first three years here. I’ve gotten better each year, and I want to be staple in this offense for years to come.

“I have a lot of respect for the organization. It’s one of the original teams. It’s a prestigious organization. It’s in one of the top sports markets. It makes it more fun when people care.”

“Each week, there’s a lot of interest in our games. As players, we appreciate that.”

On how he feels about the perception that he’s not a good blocker: “That’s the way it goes. I think a lot of people paint that image, and don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s very easy to draw those assumptions. It makes for good articles and radio.

“Am I the best blocking guy I the league? No. But the last two years, I was an every down tight end. It didn’t matter what the play was. I did it all. This conception that all I do is run around and catch the ball is ignorant.”

On his versatility: “I take pride in that I’ve lined up in a lot of different positions, out of the backfield. Split out wide. Slot. I feel there’s not a lot of guys who can do that.”