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UIC nabs Young junior Snider

By Joe Henricksen

UIC and head coach Howard Moore continue to make a serious dent in recruiting the Chicago Public League. The Flames, who signed three CPS players last fall, received a commitment from Whitney Young junior Gabriel Snider.

Snider plays a limited role for a stacked Whitney Young team, but the 6-1 junior is among the top perimeter shooters in the Class of 2012. His stroke is pure and quick, with an ability to stretch defenses. Snider, who is one of the Hoops Report’s top 10 ranked shooting guards in the junior class and a top 40 prospect, should fit in nicely in a system that will suit his strengths.

“With a majority of teams that are out there, he would be a starter or playing heavy minutes,” says Whitney Young coach Tyrone Slaughter. “He is playing good basketball and the more he plays the better he gets. UIC is getting a player who has above-average skill and a very high ceiling and upside.”

For UIC, the commitment of Snider is a classic case of taking care of the recruiting home turf. The UIC staff, which has such strong ties in the city and suburbs, were familiar with a player and his potential in their very own back yard before he became a more popular prospect.

UIC inked a trio of Public League players last November, which included Simeon’s 6-6 Ahman Fells, Curie point guard Greg Travis and Morgan Park shooter Jerome Brown.