Ramble with Storm: Human mysteries, pass and punt

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Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family’s mixed Lab.

Out on the far edge of our extended ramble, I was admiring a rather spectacular sunrise through the shoreline trees by the town pond when I noticed something rather and unusual in the middle of the north old clay pit.

So I gave it a second look and realized it was a johnboat with two guys in it.

At first, I guessed two waterfowlers getting out a few minutes late to their setup on the north bank.

As the meathead and I had set out this morning, a Canada goose had come over town low, then a few minutes later I heard booming of big guns from the club area south of town.

But as we got closer to the johnboat, I guessed again. I think they were the trappers taking care of the town pond. It was two guys over-bundled in heavy camo gear and they appeared to be checking spots on the shoreline.

Odd morning, all around.

Through Thursday, I think we had had nearly two weeks straight of below average temperatures. Then it started warming Friday and yesterday to around or into the 70s.

This morning, it was still in the 60s, almost summer-like.

A rabbit bolted from the neighbor’s yard as we set out. But out of town, virtually nothing in wildlife, other than what I think was one coot being flushed around the north old clay pit by the trappers.

Back in town, a pair of Canada geese flew very low over the downtown. A dozen passed a block to the west.

A gray squirrel and a black squirrel chased each other on our neighbor’s elm.

Five more Canada geese flew south, fighting the stiff and strengthening south and southwest winds, as we neared the porch steps.

A wind advisory begins in a few hours. Should make for interesting passing and punting tonight in the Bears game.

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