The speeches - Day 3 of the Democratic National Convention

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The speeches – Day 3 of the Democratic National Convention

With reporting from the staff of the Chicago Sun-Times.

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Obama says he is worn from raising campaign cash “If you’re sick of hearing me approve this message. Believe me, so am I.” #DNCnatasha koreckiPresident Obama accepts nomination #DNCnatasha koreckiSasha, Malia…"yes, you do have to go to school in the morning.” #DNCnatasha koreckiWatch DNC President Obama Video BiopicpbsnewshourMichelle Obama back up to the stage. .."tonight, I am so thrilled and so honored to introduce the love of my life…Barack Obama” #DNCnatasha koreckiIllinois Sen. Dick Durbin: ‘We Must Walk Forward, Together’pbsnewshour#dnc2012 Sen. Dick Durbin, serial Obama convention introducer..Durbin zings to Mitt, et al…"we are all in this alone,"Lynn SweetU.S. Sen. Dick Durbin takes the stage, recalling the odyssey he and Barack Obama took together as Illinois lawmakers #DNCnatasha korecki#DNC Biden wrapped up, Jill joins him on stage..what a hug!..I can see Michelle on her feet applauding.Lynn Sweet#dnc2012 Biden on the future…direction we turn is in your hands…teleprompter has in your hands underlined.Lynn Sweet#dnc2012 Biden downsizing Mitt, Ryan SweetCannot even hear Joe Biden because standing crowd drowns him out, “It never ever makes sense to bet against the American people!” #DNCnatasha koreckiNew one from Biden “voucher care “Lynn SweetVice President Joe Biden on bin Laden “America’s heart had to be healed” #dnc koreckiVice President Joe Biden: “Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive!!” #DNCnatasha koreckiBiden slams “the Bain Way” – Lynn SweetCHARLOTTE, N.C.–Vice President Joe Biden is taking on Mitt Romney’s top credential for the Oval Office, his time a Bain Capitol. Romney …Biden takes direct hit at “the Bain Way” #dnc2012 “Conviction, resolve, Barack Obama” saved the auto industryLynn Sweet#dnc2012 Biden “We’ver turned a corner” August jobless numbers out Friday.Lynn Sweet#DNC2012 Good Biden soundbite: He does not see Obama “in soundbited."Lynn SweetBiden’s turn. #DNC2012. “A journey we have finished yet” a core concept Obama/Biden re-elect argument.Lynn Sweet#dnc212 Biden getting mushy on Jilly…so “she’s always loved me” Asked to marry her 5 times.Lynn SweetVice President Joe Biden strikes on stage to a sea of waving red white and blue “Ready for Joe."natasha korecki8:29 | Vice President Joe Biden takes the stage to a standing ovation.Excerpts from Joe Biden’s Democratic National Convention speech @suntimes #politicsCraig NewmanAll of Obama’s campaign promises, we track them on our #obameter. #DNC2012PolitiFactDr. Jill Biden: ‘Joe Always Works To Give People a Sense of Hope’pbsnewshour#DNC2012 The “Ready for Joe” signs are being passed out across the hall…as well as the “Fired Up."Lynn SweetWatch DNC Video Biopic of Vice President Joe BidenpbsnewshourThousands of people in the audience waving blue signs that say “Thank You” as veterans file off of stage. #DNCnatasha korecki#dnc2012 thank you signs across the hall as vets get thank you SweetComing up on stage as this video plays A group of vetsLynn SweetJohn Kerry on the Truth-O-Meter #DNC2012PolitiFactMass. Sen. John Kerry: ‘This Is Not the Time to Outsource the Job of Commander in Chief’pbsnewshour"we believe in Barack Obama " John Kerry,next sec state SweetKerry hammering Romney: “Mitt Romney talks like he’s only seeing Russia by watching Rocky IV” #DNCnatasha korecki#dnc2012 john kerry getting his revengeLynn SweetBest line of the #DNC? John Kerry: “Ask Osama Bin Laden if he is better off now than he was four years ago."natasha koreckiFormer pres candidate John Kerry takes the stage: “I say to you, this is not the time to outsource the job of commander in chief.” #DNCnatasha koreckiFlorida GOP said Charlie Crist was pro-life, pro-gun and anti-tax. Mostly True, says @PolitiFactFL #DNC2012PolitiFactFormer Fla. Gov. Charlie Crist: I Didn’t Leave GOP, ‘It Left Me’pbsnewshourVideo tribute played of the late Geraldine Ferraro. It is simple, replaying her own speech from a Democratic convention #DNCnatasha koreckiMontana Gov. Brian Schweitzer: Mitt Romney ‘Wrong Man To Be President’pbsnewshourDid Romney say ‘not worth moving heaven and earth’ to get Osama bin Laden? Half True #DNC2012PolitiFactCrowd politely claps as Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer says Mitt Romney is a loyal American and a “good family man.” #DNCnatasha koreckiWatch Actress Eva Longoria Speak at DNCpbsnewshour"The Eva Longoria who flips Wendy burgers needs a tax break,” she says of her youth. Eva Longoria who is now an actress “does not.” #DNCnatasha koreckiEva Longoria talks of Meager upbringing; how education was always top priority in family #dnc koreckiDNC 2012 – Jennifer Granholm Attacks Mitt Romney’s Comment on Detriotwsjdigitalnetwork#DNC2012 Jennifer Granholm is whipping up the crowd like no one else. Before the 2016 bandwagon starts, remember she was born in Canada. Oh.Lynn SweetFormer Mich. Gov. Jennifer Granholm is shouting, red-faced crowd drowning her out #DNCnatasha korecki#DNC2012 Jennifer Granhold channels Ann Richards at the podium..from Michigan, where the trees are just the right size. Take that, MittLynn SweetCaroline Kennedy Speaks to DNC on Health Care, Women’s Health, VotingpbsnewshourCaroline Kennedy said four years ago she was inspired by Barack Obama’s presidency. “Today, I’m inspired by his record.” #DNCnatasha koreckiCaroline Kennedy says Obama gave “hope to the hopeless” and that she was inspired by Obama’s vision for America. #DNCnatasha korecki#DNC2012 Caroline Kennedy’s primary endorsement of Obama in 2008 primary was a turning pointLynn SweetWatch Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Recite Pledge of Allegiance at DNCpbsnewshourArena chanting “GABBY GABBY!” As Gabrielle Giffords blows kisses to the audience and walks off stage with some assistance. #DNCnatasha korecki#dnc2012 convention hall explodes when gabby giffords comes to stage with @DSW #DSW to lead the pledgeLynn SweetStanding ovation as Gabriel Giffords dramatically walks onto the stage. Giffords survived an assassination attempt. #DNCnatasha koreckiSouth Carolina Rep. James Clyburn: President Obama Brought ‘Our Country Out From the Darkness’pbsnewshourActress Kerry Washington: ‘We Are Not Invisible’pbsnewshourActress Scarlett Johansson: ‘Vote, So That Your Voice Is Heard’pbsnewshourScarlett Johansson is trying to appeal to younger voters. Says she’s “here to ask you to commit to vote.” #DNCnatasha koreckiScarlett Johansson dressed simply and still looks glamorous. #dnc koreckiHollywood actress Scarlett Johansson up talking about growing up with other students who still use Planned Parenthood. #DNCnatasha koreckiScarJo to tell us when she was little, her mom let her push the buttons in the voting booth. That’s fraud! Arrest Natasha Romanoff!Richard RoeperWatch the Foo Fighters Perform at the Democratic National ConventionpbsnewshourFoo Fighters rocking it #dnc koreckiWatch Toledo GM Worker Kenyetta Jones Speak at DNCpbsnewshourWatch Joe Biden Get Nominated for Vice President at DNCpbsnewshourZach Wahls, Son of a Lesbian Couple, Addresses DNCpbsnewshourWatch DNC Video About President Obama’s Support For Gay MarriagepbsnewshourPhiladelphia Mayor Michael Nutter: Responsibility Is What ‘Being President Is All About’pbsnewshourWisconsin Rep. Tammy Baldwin: “President Obama Believes In Our Manufacturers"pbsnewshourThe DNC Through the Eyes of an Illegal ImmigrantpbsnewshourFlorida Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: Election Is ‘Personal For Every American’pbsnewshourWatch Singer Mary J. Blige Perform at DNCpbsnewshourGeorgia Rep. John Lewis: ‘Your Vote Is Precious, Almost Sacred’pbsnewshourWatch DNC Video on Don’t Ask-Don’t TellpbsnewshourMassachusetts Rep. Barney Frank: We Should’ve Had ‘Myth Romney’pbsnewshourFlorida Retiree Carol Berman Talks Health Care Reform at DNCpbsnewshourSpeakers set for final night of DNC – Sun-Times PoliticsMusician Marc Anthony performs on stage for a soundcheck during the final day of the Democratic National Convention at Time Warner Cable …Can Obama acceptance speech outshine Clinton’s nomination? – Sun-Times PoliticsPresident Bill Clinton, despite some partisan disagreement with policy, was universally lauded Wednesday night after his nomination speec…John Kerry stops to talk to reporters about Obama’s speech tonight. #dnc koreckiPrevious convention coverage

Looking back at previous coverage of the conventions from Chicago Sun-Times reporters and columnists on the ground in Tampa and Charlotte.Our fact-checks of Bill Clinton’s speech last night at #DNC2012 speeches – Day 2 of the Democratic National Convention liveblogThe speakers of Day 2 of the Democratic National Convention with reporting by Chicago Sun-Times staff members.The speeches – Day 1 of the Democratic National ConventionnullCoverage of the Democratic National Convention by Chicago Sun-Times staffWashington Bureau Chief Lynn Sweet (@LynnSweet), Springfield Bureau Chief Dave McKinney (@DaveMcKinney123), political reporter Natasha Ko…The speeches: Day 4 of the Republican National ConventionnullThe speeches: Day 3 of the Republican National ConventionnullThe speeches: Day 2 – Republican National ConventionA look at some of the highlights from the speeches from Day 2 of the Republican National Convention.Day 1 at the Republican National ConventionWashington Bureau Chief Lynn Sweet (@LynnSweet), Springfield Bureau Chief Dave McKinney (@DaveMcKinney123), political reporter Natasha Ko…

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