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Sue's Morning Stretch: What's happening on the airwaves

Here’s what’s going on on morning drive radio and TV morning talk shows:

  • Big morning! Lady Gaga on B96 The J Niice Show. She told listeners, “I’ve got a good sense of humor,” and wow, sure sounds true. Very down to earth, talked to the B96 crew for what seemed like forever. Says “I basically live” in Chicago without really going into details why (boyfriend Taylor Kinney, here while filming his show “Chicago Fire”). Gave big props to Bikram River North Studio where she did yoga while recuperating from her hip surgery last year. Described it as “such a safe haven,” and credited them for her being able to do bikram way earlier than any docs thought she could. Her new single, “Do What You Want With My Body,” drops next Tuesday on iTunes and has lots of Chicago ties: R Kelly and DJ White Shadow.
  • Northwestern University got a big shoutout on “Today.” For Saturday’s game against Minnesota, Ryan Field will be peanut-free. The stadium’s undergoing a power cleaning to get rid of any peanut residue. Great for those with peanut allergies. (Not so great if you are trying to eat high protein, low-carb, but, oh well.) Bet lots of other arenas are paying attention to this move.
  • Fashion mags have been under fire for Photoshopping or having bobble head celebs on their covers. Give us more real-looking women, many demand. Well, one mag does just that and what happens? Controversy, and “GMA” was on it. Plainfield native Melissa McCarthy is on one of the magazine’s Women Of Hollywood covers. She looks wonderful, sensual (her hair is just gorgeous), BUT it’s her outfit that has many women dismayed. She’s wearing a very stylish loose coat. She loves it, “GMA” reports, her people say she loves the cover and she chose the coat. Here’s the rub: among the other covers are Shalene Woodley and Reese Witherspoon showing lots of skin. Shalene’s in a bathing suit and Reese rocks a form-fitting black dress. Women are wondering why when a plus-size woman finally gets on the cover of a major fashion magazine her curves have to be covered up.
  • Listen up, helicopter parents. In “CBS This Morning” profile of Marillyn Hewson, first CEO of Lockheed Martin, she explained how her upbringing gave her many of the skills she learned as a child. Her mom, who was widowed and left to support five children, wanted her kids to be self-reliant. “Be prepared,” was one of mom’s pearls of wisdom. The kids had chores and one of Hewson’s was the grocery shopping. She had to figure out how to buy “$7 worth of food” with $5. Taught her how to manage money, look at prices and values. Try learning that at a fancy-schmancy kids’ class.