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Pro Football Focus: Bears' McCown matters, defense in no rush


Pro Football Focus, which nearly a third of the NFL subscribes to, has a complex grading process, looking at every player on every offensive, defensive and special-teams play. Plus or minus grades are given and are based around an average of 0, with each position graded slightly differently. If a player does something you normally would expect, then a score of 0 is given. Grades are given for plays that are reasonably considered to be better or worse than the average or expected play. For the final grade, player participation is factored in, using a normalization factor to set the average player in that facet of the game to 0.

Bears backup quarterback Josh McCown came in for an injured Jay Cutler and played exceptionally well against the Washington Redskins, having his best performance since the 2007 season.[iframe src=”//″ width=”550″ height=”587″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″]

The Bears’ defensive line had another lackluster game this season against the Washington Redskins. While the Bears try to look for positives, the negatives keep coming up in PFF’s ratings. Here’s how the Bears’ defensive line fared at FedEx Field.[iframe src=”//″ width=”550″ height=”644″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ ]Compiled with Adam Jahns