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Bears visit tornado-stricken Washington

WASHINGTON, Ill. — At the end of a cul-de-sac, about a dozen Bears players and staffers made piles of rubble, sorting wood from metal and plastic.

An hour earlier Wednesday, they’d met with the Washington High School football team and later, in the lunch room, with students.

It was part of the effort, led by placekicker Robbie Gould, to try to help out in the wake of the Nov. 17 tornado.

“This was awesome to see the guys come together,” Gould said.

The Bears traveled down on their off day. David Bass said he enjoyed meeting with students, trying to bring a bit of joy to their day.

“Even though there’s tragedy here, and a lot of devastation around here, they had fun,” Bass said. “It kinda takes their mind off what’s going on.”

Even chairman George McCaskey chipped in; in jeans and a t-shirt, he joined his players in lugging lumber and metal.

“”They’re incredibly strong and resilient,” McCaskey said of the Washington natives, “and we know they’re gonna bounce back.”