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1 Four-alarm wake-up

Chicago firefighters are battling a huge blaze on the South Side this morning. [Sun-Times]

2 Back at it

So much for basking in the glow. The Blackhawks hit the ice at training camp, beginning what will surely be a grueling quest to win a rare repeat championship. [Sun-Times]

3 No vacancies

Give them an inch, they’ll build a hotel. That’s the plan for a tiny sliver of vacant space on South Water, which could soon be home to a 27-story Hilton. [Sun-Times]

4 CME plays hardball in DC

In the first half of this year CME spent $1.6 million to lobby federal lawmakers and regulators, far more than its rivals, as the futures exchange works the halls of power to maintain its leading position in derivatives trading. [FT] (registration required)

5 Cats and dogs coming together?

Mayor Emanuel sent Chicago Teacher’s Union President Karen Lewis a friendly personal note on the first day of school, possibly hoping to defrost their relationship. The pair haven’t spoken in two years. [NBC5]

6 Sky high

The City Council passed an ordinance requiring large buildings to disclose their energy usage, setting off howls of protest from those who own large buildings. An alderman expressed outrage on behalf of residents of Lakeshore Drive high rises, saying the new rule could put some of those people on the street. [DNAinfo]

7 Slumlord enrichment

Much of the $2 billion doled out by the Chicago Housing Authority for low-income rent subsidies winds up in the pockets of landlords running substandard apartment buildings that frequently fail inspections, an investigation by NBC5 and the Chicago Reporter finds. [NBC5]

8 Working without a net

It’s one thing to start a business when you’re young and single. When you’ve got a family to feed, failure isn’t an option. [Grid]