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Michael Shannon to star in indie film '99 Homes'

Michael Shannon, via

He’s still in town for the last few sold-out days of Sam Shepard’s play “Simpatico,” at A Red Orchid Theatre in Old Town.

But soon Michael Shannon, who also stars in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire (which just launched its fourth season last Sunday) and made big-screen splashes as Superman nemesis General Zod in this summer’s “Man of Steel” and contract killer Richard Kuklinski in “The Iceman,” will leave Chicago and re-enter the Hollywood fray — wherever that fray may be.

One of Shannon’s newest projects, just announced in the Hollywood Reporter and other trades, is an indie film called “99 Homes.” Written and directed by Ramin Bahrani, who won an Oscar for “Man Push Cart,” it will feature Shannon as an unscrupulous real-estate broker who forecloses on a man (played by Andrew Garfield) and then lures him into an corrupt business partnership.