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Mouthin' off: The best quotes after the Bears' win over the Bengals

A few of our favorite quotes following the Bears’ 24-21 Week 1 win against the Cincinnati Bengals at Soldier Field:

“I grew up with a lotta (siblings). To eat, you gotta be the first one downstairs. It was like that. Everyone had a hand in the pot. I came out with the chitlins.”

— Martellus Bennett, on wrestling away a touchdown in the first quarter

“I give them all the credit. Sundays are for players. Sunday is the players’ day to celebrate the privilege of playing in the National Football League. I think they stood by that today.”

— Marc Trestman, on what the win meant to him.

“We should have won this game, I believe.”

— Bengals defensive tackle Geno Atkins

“I hope that not just the people watching the game on television but the people in this organization know what kind of player No. 33 is. He battled an elite receiver. … That’s why the guy goes to the Pro Bowl every year. But to get the ball out and create turnovers and get interceptions and stuff like that, that’s what we’re all about — and Peanut is the pinnacle of it.”

— Linebacker Lance Briggs, on Charles Tillman

“We were far from a perfect offense today. We didn’t have to be — we just had to be good enough to win a four-quarter game. That’s what we did.”

— Quarterback Jay Cutler