Ramble with Storm: When hell freezes over & Jay Cutler

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Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm, our family’s mixed Lab.

One of those mornings where my foremost thought was “poop fast meathead, poop fast.”

And that brings me to Jay Cutler’s signing.

I think part of the problem with reaction from meatheads–human kind, not the mixed Lab sort–is the sheer size of his guaranteed money: $54 million. That is the kind of money that none of us (at least nobody I know) can wrap our heads around, seriously.

The Stray Cast side of me loves the possibility that the $54 million might have been a jab at Brian Urlacher.

On an ordinary morning, I would have had two miles and 40 minutes to mull the Cutler saga as the much-rued, but greatest, quarterback in the history of the Chicago Bears.

But this was no ordinary morning. Officially, the local National Weather Service reporting site had it at -13.

And it felt like every bit of it..

I anticipated the cold and had long johns and multiple layers and headgear on. All the same the cold cut through within a couple blocks.

And by the time we reached downtown, the meathead took care of business and we made the sensible decision to turn around and come on home. long before we reached the wildness of the town pond.

The surprise was the racket of the Canada geese on the lake to the west. It was so intense that the sound reached downtown.

But then I am not that surprised. We have fresh geese. I think the foot-plus of snow farther north pushed some down to us, where we only have about half a foot of snow.

Last evening, I had to stop the car and watch geese come over in strings and ragged Vs and misshapen Cs. I stopped counting around 300 and still they kept coming.

Coming back home, we flushed a mourning dove from the evergreens by the bus barn. That was the extent of the wildlife on a much shortened ramble.

I had -15 on my thermometer behind the garage. And it felt every bit of it.

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