Cold, cold, cold and the rest of the morning’s news

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1 How cold is it?

Too cold for school. Too cold for some trains to run. So cold that, unless you absolutely have to, or unless you are a polar bear, you shouldn’t leave your house today. [Sun-Times]

2 Today in history: This sucks

Temperatures started dropping last night and didn’t stop until a few hours ago. We’ve already hit a record low for this date — and we’ve got a shot at the all-time coldest temp. [Tribune]

3 Warming centers open longer

For those in need of a warm place, city and state agencies have opened warming centers and will keep them open longer than normal. Here’s a list of centers with addresses. [Sun-Times]

4 Charges in horrific attack

Less than three weeks after a 15-year-old girl was brutally raped and beaten in Belmont-Cragin, Chicago detectives tracked down her attacker. Luis Pantoja, a 25-year-old with a prison stint in his past, faces multiple felony charges, including attempted murder. [Sun-Times]

5 Wi-Fi warriors

With a plan to bring ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi to some tech-deprived South Side neighborhoods seemingly going nowhere, community groups are taking matters into their own hands. [Grid]

6 Meet a pioneer

How many black women own and run chemical plants? None that we know of — except Linda McGill Boasmond. She talked with Grid’s Micaela Brown about overcoming disrespect, setting aside excuses and longing for competition. [Grid]

7 Taking on the haters

Sick of being portrayed as the root of all the financial markets’ problems, high-speed trading firms are pledging to change their ways. Just kidding. They hired some lobbyists. [WSJ]

8 What part of ‘stay inside’ don’t you understand?

Despite everything, against all semblance of good judgment, several thousand people went to the Blackhawks game last night. [Sun-Times]

The Latest
The Illinois Conservation Foundation announced its latest class for the Illnois Outdoor Hall of Fame, to be inducted next spring.
The union is pointing to the companies’ huge recent profits as it seeks wage increases of 36% over four years.
The Blackhawks welcome the No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 NHL Draft into the fold this fall. We provide details on his play, his progress and his promise in Chicago throughout the days leading up to his Oct. 10 debut.
Ermalinda Palomo has been identified by police as “a person of interest” in the Romeoville mass slaying, but she was nowhere near the far southwestern suburb when the family of four was killed, a lawyer for Palomo’s family said.
It was no surprise Friday when Mooney stuck up for the Bears quarterback who two days earlier had singled out coaching for a reason he felt he was playing too robotic — and later tried to chide the media for reporting his very words.