Shamrock Shuffle registration opens Tuesday

SHARE Shamrock Shuffle registration opens Tuesday

Ryan Giuliano of Schaumberg mugs for the camera at the 2013 Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K race. | Sun-Times Library

Enough #Chiberia already — there are only 73 days until the vernal equinox, aka spring.

Which means the first test of many a new year resolution is around the corner — the annual 8K Shamrock Shuffle.

Registration opens tomorrow (Jan. 7) and closes after 39,999 other pinky-swearing “It won’t be that bad” runners cough up the $45 registration fee. (Ed. note: That’s actually just my Shamrock Shuffle situation is, other folks are actually runners, of course.)

But what motivated me today? That guy in the picture is sweating. And oters are wearing, dare I write it, shorts. Sign me up.

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