Owner covers dog with flea and tick spray, dog bursts into flames

SHARE Owner covers dog with flea and tick spray, dog bursts into flames

Ruby, a dog in Parkland, Fla., had a bit of a problem with some ticks. Her owner, Telma Botcherby, did the responsible thing and tried to remedy the situation by spraying Ruby with flea and tick spray, CBS Miami reports.

But mayhem quickly ensued when Botcherby saw a tick on the floor and thought it would be a good idea to burn it with a lighter right after she covered the dog in a flammable material. The flame startled Ruby, who then jumped in the air and burst into flames.

We believe that the flame was not actually very close to the dog when they were trying to burn those ticks, said Mike Moser from the Coral Springs Fire Department. The dog became startled by the flame, ran toward, then jumped over the lighter that obviously had a flame on it and that’s what caused it to catch fire.

But wait, there’s more.

Instead of enacting the “stop, drop and roll” method with the dog, Botcherby’s husband, Jess, picked up the burning dog, ran outside and jumped in the pool to put out the fire.

Jess now has burns over 25 percent of his body, while Ruby has burns on her back legs and abdomen.

Via CBS Miami

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